Online accounting with full support

For many entrepreneurs, accounting is a source of stress. With us you have come to the right place to have this stress removed as much as possible. We will work with you to determine which software/accounting package best suits you and your company. We usually use InformerOnline’s accounting software, but on request or if it seems more appropriate, we choose another accounting package together.

Other accounting packages that we work with or have worked with include: Moneybird, Moneymonk, Rompslomp, Exact, King, Accountview, Afas and Snelstart. In short, we know a lot of different software and can therefore advise you well when choosing the software.

Digital Submission of Administration

As an online accountant, we do not work with physical administration. All administration must be provided via the software, mail, app or otherwise if agreed. This has the advantage that we can deal with the administration faster and can therefore easily keep it up to date. Thanks to this digital way of working, you always have an up-to-date insight into the supplied administration.

Accounting For Self-Employed, BV And Vof

We have a standard all-in monthly package for self-employed persons/sole traders. We are happy to make a tailor-made all-in monthly package for Vofs and BVs. The advantage of an all-in monthly package is that you will never be faced with surprises afterwards. With a fixed package it is clear which services we provide at which monthly billed rate. For additional services, we always discuss any costs in advance, so that you will never receive unexpected extra invoices from us afterwards.

Income tax return

Are you looking for someone to file your income tax return for you? We have a lot of experience in preparing and submitting income tax returns. We can also arrange for you to apply for housing benefit, health care benefit and child budget.

VAT declaration

As an entrepreneur you must file a VAT return every month, quarter or year. We can arrange this for you with a subscription to our all-in monthly package. If you normally do the VAT return yourself, but need help with, for example, filing a supplementary return, we will be happy to help you with that.

financial reports

To determine the course of your company, it is important that you have insight into the finances and that you have an idea of what to expect. You have come to the right place for preparing annual accounts, reports with interim figures and forecasts.

Setting up accounting​

Do you like to do your accounting yourself? Then it is very important that the administration is properly set up. Of the accounts that you use a lot may not be standard in the software you use. We are happy to help you set up the accounting, so that you can get started with as little work as possible.

Overdue Accounting

Has the accounting piled up due to circumstances? Or have mistakes been made that need to be corrected? We ensure that the accounting is up to date again.