business growth coaching

The company is doing well, but you think it can be even better. You start in good spirits, but soon you find out that you lack structure. Or the company is not doing well at all and you have no idea how that is possible, there are customers and turnover is being generated, but little remains at the end of the line. In such situations we can support and guide you in the form of business coaching. We help you look for opportunities, analyze problems and work in a structured way towards improvements.

Consultancy Can Help You With:

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Coaching in starting your own business

Starting your own business is a fun and exciting time. We have set up several companies ourselves, but even more often we have been able to watch and support the start of other entrepreneurs. Many starters just start and see where the ship strands. With real entrepreneurs, things often turn out well in the end. But imagine how it could go if you get good guidance from the start. If someone tells you where the pitfalls are, so that you get through your first period as an entrepreneur quickly, motivated, structured and fit (instead of exhausted). A good start may not be less work than a bad start, but it will ultimately yield you much more.

Digitization and location-independent working

Digitization is an element that is becoming increasingly important in almost every company. Especially since more remote work has been done since the Covid-19 virus, it is very important that data is available digitally. We offer consultancy for various forms of digitization and optimization. For example, we ourselves have all our software available anytime, anywhere. This makes it possible to work from any location with an internet connection. We would be happy to look with you at which parts you can digitize and how you can best approach this.

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reliable business coaching

Where we often fill in executive tasks in the financial and accounting field in addition to coaching (if necessary), we do not do this in other areas. We have a wide network of specialists that we can refer you to. No one can do everything and everyone has their own field and specialties. We are honest in what we can and cannot do (by ourselves).